Managing a business isn’t always easy. We know! You often face a lot of pain point concerning hardware, software and IT in general. At IT-702, we’re here to relieve you of your pain and help you focus on what counts for you.

We managed your IT, you manage your business. As simple as that!


I love you guys. You absolutely know what you are doing every time I call into your support team. Adama did in 1 hour what it took Microsoft 5 hours and Microsoft STILL couldn’t figure it out and passed the buck. I’m pretty certain it was probably a Microsoft issue and if not 100% certainly HALF their issue. Thank you for always making customer support #1 and having highly skilled employees. You are amazing!!!

I love you guys.

First of all the process was clear. It was explained in steps and I was able to know what is next. Secondly, the support was terrific and quick. I was able to get answer to technical details (e.g. when the migration will start, when to change MX records, when to start the new system, what will happen to old, what is migrated and what will be left).

Thanks again for such a terrific service.

Clear and efficient